Low speed crash detector research project started

IoT Venture GmbH has just started a low speed crash detector research project in cooperation with CAE specialist TECOSIM. The two companies are seeking to provide an intelligent solution to analyse minor car collisions in real time and report them to the owner.

One possible use for this technology is in the rental car sector. Currently, a rental company has to trust the hirer’s word about the car’s condition when they return a vehicle. Damage frequently remains undetected. Generally, customers are not trying to hide anything since they do not always notice a slight scrape caused when parking. Damage to vehicles due to a low-speed crash may not be immediately visible either. The rental company needs to give the vehicle a thorough check to detect any damage.

TECOSIM and IoT Venture are using their digital expertise to make this process much easier in the future using the Internet of Things. If required, an IoT module can record and analyse low-speed crash events and transmit them directly to the owner. There is then no need for time-consuming checks after vehicles are returned.

TECOSIM is developing algorithms based on existing crash simulation data to identify such collisions at low speeds. IoT Venture GmbH is designing the associated hardware, which it will then market. The two companies are using the pioneering narrow band Internet of Things technology for the project. This new transmission network type offers excellent advantages in its wide range, low costs and minimum energy requirements.

The joint research project is set to run for two years and is funded by the Central Innovation Program SME, set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.