Deutsche Bank Unternehmertalk 2018

Jürgen Veith at the Deutsche Bank “UnternehmerTalk”

“Courage: Made in Germany versus German Angst“ – that’s the topic of this year’s Deutsche Bank UnternehmerTalk. The event is held throughout the year in six different cities. The event for the central region took place in June in Frankfurt. Deutsche Bank AG launched the new format for the first time last year and uses each event to address a current business topic.

Psychology coach Patrick Herrman set the tone for the event with a key note speech. In his speech, he discussed topics such as “what courage is and and isn’t” and “how courageous can a person be in the business world”. In a final round table talk, Herrmann discussed the direction German enterprise is taking with Kai Giesel, Corporate Customer Manager for the Central Region of the Deutsche Bank AG, and Jürgen Veith, CEO of IoT Venture GmbH. The participants discussed how the country’s known values of reliability, functionality, and inventive spirit reconcile with its highly sceptical approach to the world, which can hinder new developments and growth. The topic “Courage – Made in Germany versus German Angst” uncovers these astounding controversies. Cabaret artist and juggler Timo Wopp moderated the evening.

The event series “UnternehmerTalk” was held for the second time this year and is designed for the financial institution’s corporate customers. Spread out throughout the year, the discussion rounds are held at various locations in Germany. Frankfurt was the first stop.