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Take a seat.
We'll take you into the new world.


“We are creating new digital ecosystems based on networked products, thus enabling our clients to build seminal business models while improving people’s lives.”

IoT Venture GmbH focuses on Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology for its products and services. This technology impresses due to its low energy requirements, effective building penetration and wide range and represents an inexpensive solution for the Internet of Things. Our company offers its services for a wide variety of applications across different sectors. It is about to launch two business activities onto the market: in property technology and with the “It’s my bike” brand. Luggage and transport logistics business activities are also in the pipeline.

About 15 employees are working on the networked future at IoT Venture GmbH in Darmstadt and Berlin (credit: Factory Berlin).


Hardware and software based on LPWAN technologies for the Internet of Things, data platforms, solutions for companies to create digital business models


Darmstadt, Berlin

Market launch

Autumn 2018




Germany (from 2018)
Europe (from 2020)


  • Bicycle:  manufacturers, dealers, fleet operators
  • Property technology
  • Luggage and transport logistics

Our Vision: Everything is connected

What exactly does IoT Venture GmbH do? What specific examples of use are there for the technology? And why did Wirtschaftswoche magazine honour the company and Deutsche Telekom as Digital Champion for the Midwest region? You can gain a short insight in our video (duration: 1.26 minutes).

Our brands

IT’S MY BIKE digital module IMB1 delivers a unique solution based on mobile network technology to secure e-bikes against theft. Simple, inexpensive, intelligent. The best solution there currently is. It comprises a built-in module in the e-bike, either fitted as standard or as a retrofit. Once the module is installed, the bike is transformed into an Internet of Things and users are connected with their bike at all times. In the future, the module will also provide other services such as an emergency alert in the event of an accident or instructions regarding service intervals.


This brand offers efficient, cost-saving solutions for building management to the real estate industry. Caretakers receive custom-edited data via a platform. The platform is based on the new LPWAN wireless network (NB-IoT) for the Internet of Things, which is extremely robust and reliable. A web-based user interface displays current variables such as temperature, moisture and door statuses, thus helping reduce times for inspection rounds and increase service quality.

Ready for lift-off?

Inspired by the Internet of Things and completely new technologies? Want to develop intelligent solutions with us to change business models and improve people’s lives? Do you like working in an agile environment? Are you open, curious and courageous? Are you set to conquer the new world? If so, come join our team. You’ll find vacancies under Jobs. Speculative applications are also welcome.

Our team

The three-person management team comprises experienced managers from industry. The workforce is made complete with technology experts in software and embedded systems and specialists in business development and marketing. At IoT Venture GmbH, experienced senior managers work alongside young top talents who keep their finger on the pulse of the times and strive for success together.

Thomas Ullmann

Chief Operating Officer
E-Mail: t.ullmann@iot-venture.com

Technology in his blood. Enthusiastic networker. Experienced Executive Manager and sales person. Has developed a large number of business models and more than 100 innovative product solutions before joining IoT Venture GmbH. In his last role, he successfully built up a medium-sized medical technology company as a CEO over 14 years. Assists the German Federal Government with strategy processes.

Jürgen Veith

Chief Excecutive Officer
E-Mail: j.veith@iot-venture.com

IoT & LPWAN Enthusiast. Successful and passionate innovation leader, product guy and entrepreneur, dedicated to relationships, developing business models and designing & selling groundbreaking products. Started his first company as a two man band in a living room 1992 and developed it into a successful global organization.

Felix Letkemann

Chief Technology Officer
E-Mail: f.letkemann@iot-venture.com

A machine that converts pizza into source code. Young tech-enthusiast with a start-up mentality. Pitch talent. Responsible for software development at IoT Venture from the beginning.

The team at IoT Venture GmbH at HUB31 in Darmstadt, Germany

Our partners

As a start-up, IoT Venture GmbH is extensively networked and open to other partnerships in the start-up, IoT technology and financing sectors. Interested? If so, contact us.

mind venture AG

IoT Venture GmbH’s financing partner is the international investment and service holding company mind venture AG. The company unites different brands under a single roof and aims to further develop existing companies and establish new ones.


Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems

Deutsche Telekom is a technology partner of IoT Venture GmbH’s, which has been rolling out a ground-breaking technology for the Internet of Things with its narrowband NB-IoT.


Riese & Müller

The premium e-bike and folding bicycle manufacturer based in Darmstadt, Germany, is IoT Venture GmbH’s development partner for the “It’s my bike” brand.



IoT Venture GmbH is a member of the Factory Berlin start-up campus. This business club offers not only founders, but also established companies a space for creation and promotes exchange and cooperation between the two.


Hub 31

Most of the IoT-Venture team works at Hub 31 in Darmstadt. This technology centre and business incubator offers start-ups and innovative companies ideal framework conditions for further growth. In addition to offices and co-working spaces, tenants can find a welding workshop and a workshop with metalworking and woodworking machines, water and laser cutters and 3D printers for performing tests and building prototypes.


Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Launching into the future with h_da. Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest Institutes of Technology in Germany. With its scientific and application-based offerings in more than 60 courses of study, it stands open to a wide range of educational tracks.


Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Hessen mbH and Hessen Kapital III

The financing partners of IoT Venture GmbH are the Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Hessen mbH and Hessen Kapital III, which belong to the Beteiligungs-Managementgesellschaft Hessen mbH.