20 November: IoT-Venture-CEO Veith at Webmontag Darmstadt

Bicycle thefts are a real fail according to the organisers of Webmontag Darmstadt. That’s why they have asked IoT Venture’s CEO Jürgen Veith to talk about the company’s new anti-theft protection for e-bikes. The event takes place in Centralstation in Darmstadt next Tuesday (20 November). Entrance is free. More than 200 people are expected to attend.

Webmontag Darmstadt is an event organised by Digitale Darmstadt e.V. where high-tech companies, institutes, universities, start-ups and agencies meet up to network. Developers, entrepreneurs, designers, founders and pioneers come together on and in front of the stage to learn and get to know one another. Organised by volunteers, Webmontag takes place twice a year.

Image: Webmontag Darmstadt, Schumacher Brand + Interaction Design